10 June 2006

To Freshies: Spend the Years with God

Why have you come to College? “Well, because my parents want me to.” “Well, because I want to get a diploma.” “Oh, God sent me here.” “I am not exactly sure.”
Are you in this bind? Here are some possible solutions.

Remember how the Lord says in Isaiah 5 that he planted Israel like a vineyard in order to get fine grapes? It’s the same today. He has planted you on this campus and expects a yield: righteous character and godly acts.

Practically, God wants you to be honest, attentive to His Word, diligent in study, concerned for others, a servant (like the good Samaritan) to the underprivileged-those who suffer from forces beyond their control.

In addition He is like an artisan working the clay. He wants to shape you to the image of His Son. Has He already sent a discouraging experience to toughen your faith, or a joy to remind you of His goodness?

Third, God’s plan calls for you to be on this campus this year for use as an instrument in His hand to encourage other Christians on campus. Christians can be encouraged by your fellowship, supported by your prayers, comforted by your sympathy, strengthened by your association, taught by your example. Keep your eyes open for at least one other Christian to get together with to read God’s word and pray. Pray for him to become “rooted and built up in him and established in the faith” (Colossians 2:7).

Fourth, God will use you as a witness to those who haven’t yet received Christ Jesus. This College is a mission field. Many are hungry for the Bread of Life – they may be students or staff.

Here’s a suggestion: Early in semester, write on your prayer list the name of at least one student, maybe a roommate or classmate, who has no testimony for Jesus Christ. Pray for his salvation. Why not add the name of at least one of your lecturer to your prayer list? If you have a Christian lecturer, pray that he will grow in the Lord, and that the Holy Spirit may find him a usable instrument. And then pray for your lecturers who don’t know Christ.

Finally, you’re at this College this year to serve as one of the dwelling places for God’s Spirit at this institution. Wherever you are and whatever you do, let them see Jesus.

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Eve said...

Sir, this sem very difficult la...all dont have notes, dont know how to graduate d..