3 September 2006

Botak Geng II

Dear Botak Geng(s),

Guys, there is a good news for you here and all you need to know about why your head is getting botak :-) here.

By the way, my wife say botak can be sexy also if we look like these photos.

Ha! errrr, trying to comfort the worried husband but my head is not as round as these heads! how?

Urgently need your advise!!

Yours sincerely,

your botak geng (coming soon)

p.s in case u can't visualise how I would look like in bald, here are some clues..see like father like daughter ma, so may be I'd look like this! :-)

(note: photos taken when Joyce was 1 month old)

1 comment:

HJ said...


Sure not you are becoming "botak"? Unbelievable leh.. you have thick hair wat.. :-p

Anyway, check this out: http://thestar.com.my/health/story.asp?file=/2006/9/10/health/15378181&sec=health