16 March 2007

I won the Competition!!

On the last day of CNY (4 march), I participated in the Chap Go Meh cooking competition at MCMC. Guess what, I won the "Most Creative" prize for the Fish I prepared. One of the rules for the competition was pork must be one of the ingredients.

So, for the main course, what I did was removing the meat from the fish and slice it, then cut to flatten and filled it with pork, carrot, bamboo shoots, spring onions and wrap it up. Arranged it onto the plate, steamed it and drizzle with seasoning. And it's DONE! :-)

Next, it's the soup (see the small bowl in the photo?) It was prepared with "La-La" (Clam) + Meat Ball (combination of shelled shrimps, minced meat and egg white) + enoki mushroom + ginger + coriander and 6 cups of stock.

There you are, enjoy the meal!

(more photos on the competition, here.)

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Eve said...

Mr wee congrats!! Ahh...i fail wkh paper ah...