6 October 2007

Ten Commandments and Me

"Sixty percent of Americans can't name five of the Ten Commandments"
- USA Today 03/07 -

Eight in ten Americans know 2 All Beef Patties are in a Big Mac, but just over four in ten (41%) can't name "Thou Shall not Kill" as one of the 10 Commandments.
- Ten Commandments Commission Study (conducted by Kelton Research 2007) -

How about You? Take the Test now, as you listen to Jeremy Camp* I am Willing...

Camp, named 2005 Best Male Artist of the Year by Gospel Music Association, said the song "I Am Willing” is about answering to God’s call in spite of the insufficiencies one may see in himself.

“Moses had a hard time stepping out at first. He was saying to God that I'm not a very eloquent speaker,” said Camp.

But it’s important to have a “willing” attitude, said the music artist, and tell God, “But Lord, I am willing, to be whatever you want me to be — with arms stretched wide — use me as you will.”

“In our own strength we can do nothing but in his strength we can do everything,” he added.


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