4 January 2009

Matt is ready!

Matt "walked" to his school for "orientation" yesterday. Look at him, growing taller and stronger! All set for standard 1!

Kinda enjoyed it, he said, though tired later the day.

Of course lah, almost two months of holidays!

New year eve @ NiuZheXui, AraDamansara

I still remember Matt when he was still a small boy then.

Many years ago, Pei gave the boy a title "Is Dinosaur Ready for School?" Can't remember the story but if you ask him: "Is Matthew ready for School?", His answer will be: YES!!!


regina (AEC) said...

hi Mr Wee! I changed my blog address d. Link the new one yah! Happy CNY!

huang mama said...


Lee said...


I have sent you email, you tak reply pun! I stay near the NZX, Ara D'sara. Next time when you go again, buzz me.

ck said...

Sorry, sis, overlooked the message :( we were there after a 2 hours jam & searching for the "right way" to NZX, what an experience...if I know earlier sure call u guys...ok..take care huh..

p/s But I did signed up to safe the "turtles" :P haha!