1 November 2006

Hello! Everybody, I'm 1 year-old!

Here are a few photos taken with MaMa :-)

like me? see more photos here

and this was me when I was 1 month old!


HJ said...

Joyce is already 1-year old? So fast eh.. :-)

ck said...

Ya lah, Jin, time flies, Siew Lee said it's time to find someone and act fast!! your *Kim R-Woo*??

Wen Huey (Carmen) said...

Hello, brother

I might say time flies and remind me that she is really growing so do I....older!!!

I do have blog but stop half way through. Not persistent...but you may check it out with yap's blog site....


Luv in christ,
Wen Huey (Carmen)

HJ said...

Mmm.. still can't find the right Christian boy leh. Any recommendations from your side? Er, any eligible bachelor in your church ar? Haha