9 January 2008

Are you on the rich list?

Visit the website www.globalrichlist.com and punch your own salary in. It will tell you where you come in terms of global salaries.

From this I discovered that my recent pay rise means that I'm the 695,500,118 richest person in the world! In other word I'm in the Top 11.59% richest people in the world!

But there are 5.95 billion people earning less than me.
You may not have the income of Bill Gates, a Premiership footballer, or the boss of your company. But where do you rank in world terms?

• How should we think of ourselves in the light of this information?
• How much do you think you need to earn before you would call yourself rich?
• How much do you think you need to earn before God would call you rich?

Some questions to ponder
  • How often can you upgrade your mobile and not be materialistic?
  • How many pairs of shoes is enough?
  • What percentage of your annual salary can you spend on an overseas holiday without being materialistic?
  • iPod? Nano, shuffle or regular? What storage capacity is materialistic? What is acceptable?
  • How long after the release of the new version of your favourite computer game do you wait before having to buy it?
  • How many favourite computer games do you have that fall into the category of ‘must get the new version asap’?
  • Is it possible to make an anti-materialistic stance into a god?
  • Do you buy things because of a label or brand?
  • Would it be acceptable to have a budget where our giving and our spending on non-essentials were identical? Or is that idealistic and unrealistic?
source: WordLive

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