9 April 2008

Matthew vs. Uncle Lim

As u know, this boy is full of SURPRISE!

Recently, he learned something about "Heaven" and how to share Gospel to someone in the kindergarten. Yesterday we were having lunch with one of my colleague, he calls him Uncle Lim (who is a non-believer.) and Matt immediately put what he learned into practice..

This was their conversations:

Matt: Uncle Lim, what do you believe in? Do you believe in Jesus?
Uncle Lim,
什么? 耶稣 ma?

Uncle Lim:
I believe in "LIM" =myself! (..smiling back to Matthew...)
林, 自己

Matt: then, Uncle Lim...what you love?
酱ah..Uncle Lim, 什么?

Uncle Lim: I love my mother!

Matt: then...do you know what is heaven?

Uncle Lim:......errrr.......

Matt: Will you enter Heaven?

Uncle Lim: Of course! I love my mother....
当然! 妈..

Matt: Sorry....cannot! Sorry,

Uncle Lim: Why leh?

Matt: Because you believe in "LIM"! You do not believe in Jesus!
因为信"林"! 没有耶稣!

Uncle Lim: ....

WaHahaha! Don't Play-Play!
Children are from HEAVEN!

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