20 April 2008

What a FOODFULL! Birthday!!

19/04/08 Mrs H2H Birthday, we started the day with fish head noodle (RM3.80) and Char Kueh Tiao (RM4.00) at Bandar Tasik Selatan before heading back to Melaka.

She said: "I want more"
H2H: OK, sure! No problem!

Then we went to Muar for more food, first we had Mee Poh (RM2.50) + Cai Tao Kueh (RM2.50)

And Air-Batu-Campur! (RM2.00)

Rojak!! (RM3.00)

Then we headed to the River-side to "Pah-Toh" (RM0.00)....kaka!

Joyce "curi" the flower!
And she said: Itu saja kah?
H2H: Tak Cukup?
She: Tak cukuppppp! like that want to settle me ah?Ok, let's go for more~~

It was 5.30 in the evening, we headed back to home to pick up the boys. Next Stop: Medan Ikan Bakar Serkam!!
Fish Village...
Getting ready..pedas...
H2H: Good?Total: Ikan Cincaru (2@490gram) + Ikan Siakap (1@830g) + Sotong Goreng (540g) + Nasi Lemak (15 plates) + Telur Dadak (6 Biji) + Cili Bawang (11 piring) + Air Kelapa (6 biji) + Air Buah (3) for 7 adults and 5 children = RM85.92

H2H was Happy....smiling inside the heart: CHEAAAAAP! for a birthday, no need flower....kekeke...

mana tahu...... Mrs H2H: TAK CUKUP!! Nak lagi!!

H2H: Still can eat ar????

ok....you want some more, no problem....let's Go!!

Matt pun tak boleh tahan liao...look at the eye!Total bill: RM37.50

Cukup? hehehe....I don't think you still can eat?

Mrs H2H: Tak CUKUP!!

H2H: like that ar.....I know what you want... (**flower or diamond?) Oklah...before we sleep we will give surprise!!





Bye Bye! Settled!! Total Bill: RM141.22..cheap lah...

The Return? Priceless....

Good Night! Mrs H2H is waiting for me.....so romantic!! hahaha!! No need flower..... and cannot compare with this one here, Jogoya leh....diff ball=game lah!!

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