9 June 2008

Rev. Spent Life

In H city, one of the place we visited was this place, a Christian Cemetery:

We saw this:

For the rich

for the poor..

But what hit me most was this:

Young missionary who came to H city at the age of 20,
passed away at 28, and they called him

"Rev. Spent His Life"

It reminded me of this :
When he was here, there were no believers,
when he left, there were no non-believers....

In this challenging period and life, where will you Spend Your Life? and money?

This post is dedicated to all the Missionaries out there, wherever you are, you are in our prayer...

To all of us who still can't accept the Price Hike,
ask Him to give you strength or ask yourself this:
Where will I spent my life?

FYI, "you" are in our prayer list as well

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