14 June 2008

13!! (Your Attitude Decides Your Altitude!)

He worked very hard on this and he got his overall marks improved to 595/600,
very high huh?
but he was still very unhappy over the result...

I said: why leh? teacher's comment was good mah!?

Then he showed me the report card, pointing to the very end of the report which spell out "No. in class" and said: 13!!

I replied: No bad oh, 13 is a good number!
But knowing the last experience of 11/11 I quickly hugged him and try to comfort him,
he quickly responded: Ya loh!! Improved liao lo! Now I am 13 out of 14 students!! Right? papa?
Of course I said: YES! You are not the last one liao!!
That's Improvement! right?

Don't worry, son..with this kind of attitude, you will excel in your life because

"Your Attitude Decides Your Altitude"

may be you can be a successful supermodel

like this:

or this

Hahaha! Good boy!

Oh Yes!! 13!!!!!!!!

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