7 August 2008

Tomyam+Nasi Goreng+Yummy Banana - Taman Bunga Raya (TBR), Setapak

At night in TBR, most people will go to Mali's corner for their nasi lemak (nice meh?). I'll prefer to go to the other stall in the middle, next to the also-very-good-burger-stall, in front of CIMB Bank. Owned & run by a white hair Malay lady (see photo, the women behind David)

They serve all kind of food from Nasi Goreng Kampung, nasi kerabu to Nasi Goreng USA, more variety as compared to Mali. Here are a few of them

David's favorite: Nasi goreng ayam

Next: Lucas & Matthew-can-finish-one-plate"s Nasi Goreng Pattaya

My choice: Mee Goreng Pattaya

Ah Chai's Must-Eat: Chicken Wing

and Kid's-sure-will-fight-for-it: Yummy Banana Ice-blended

Location: Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak
Operating hours: 5.30 till midnight
Closed on Sunday, All Halal at reasonable price, near TAR College mah...

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moses@りゅうこ said...

I love the middle shop too. Haha.. I dislike drinking banana drink one but once i got a sip of yummy banana.. I fall in love with it. Yup yup.. the burger stall next to the shop also sell very nice Ramly's burgers.. Rated top in Setapak area. =P