9 October 2008

Boleh kah?

Pak Lah is handing over his job to Najib, immediately someone told me he voted BN on 308 because he trusted Abdullah to reform and revamp the whole system. And I believe many people "thought" that way too, and therefore they also gave him the mandate.

But now, everything gone the other way round. They (UMNO, BN the coaliation and its component parties, basically a small group of "decision makers") agreed to let him go and Najib to take over. So now tell me, those who voted for BN because of Pak Lah can be considered "kena tipu"? or what? The "election" is "main-main" saja and "our voice" is not important? or what?

Consider this:
UMNO has 79 kerusi, other parties 61, in total BN has 140; whereas Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has 81 kerusi. So the PM & DPM should be decided by UMNO or BN? or
UMNO 79; PR 81 + others 61 = 142 become Pkatan Baru, then Pakatan Baru should decide the next PM & DPM?UMNO has 78: PR 81 + others 61 + Tengku Razaleigh 1 = 143, then Anwar and Tengku Razaleigh become PM & DPM?Whichever way it's done, the "General Election" is not relevant in deciding who you want to be the PM or DPM! The rakyat can just sit there in the kedai kopi and make some noise and at the end of the day, you and I have no say in the whole process.

Already the economy is "so good" and our "pocket" is "bocor" and others is looking for ways and means to survive the "crisis" and here they are still fighting for the "job", ai....susah hati...

(btw, is your "Yang Berkhidmat" still around ar? or they have gone MIA?)

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