10 October 2008

I "SUAKU" or WHAT??!!

YB Jeff Ooi had a CULTURAL SHOCK! whe he saw this in Dubai, me too!! he said:

I had a rude culture shock this morning when I turned up for breakfast at the Beach Rotana hotel. The first food counter I walked past was labelled P O R K. It was situated alongside other food counters serving an array of international and regional guests.

Continue to read YB's here.

I admit that I am very "suaku" because I never (and can never?) see this in any hotel in my beloved Malaysia, I am suaku, I know.... no wonder my friend invite me to teach in Dubai..

..but they said Malaysia are very open?


leng zai from 1ABF said...

ironically..the pork is named in arabic somemore...

huang mama said...

I got the shock too!hope we can live in the more reality world in our beloved country.

ck said...

Brother, we should organise a makan trip to Dubai!