26 November 2008

I Don't Like This, Too!

Everybody is talking about Recession, but I am thinking about this: Stagflation.

A situation in which inflation and economic stagflation occur simultaneously and remain uncheckable for a period of time....

If this come to our shore, then we'll have a situation of price of goods & services never go down (although Petrol price already gone down) and the economy is running into recession (retrenchment of workers, unemployment and stagnate/slow economic growth)

So how? Are the risks of Stagflation high? May be yes, may be no....we can only pray...P.U.S.H. Here are some prayer items you might want to endorse:

1. Ask God to Help, seek His intervention
2. Back to Biblical Value
3. Pray for Accountability
4. Pray for the Business Community
5. Pray for the Power of Serving Each Other
6. Teach the Youths to Shift their Dependency
7. Grow Deep for Stormy Days Ahead.

Click here for a PPT file of my sharing on the above.

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