9 November 2008

Proud of You! "Your Attitude Decides Your Altitude" !!

Last semester, he was 13/14, but with the RIGHT ATTITUDE, he managed to receive this in his graduation day:


Not only that, he was the leading actor in the graduation drama, lead the students to sing Negara Ku and recite the Rukun Negara!!

That's Right, son, "Your Attitude Decides Your Altitude" WELL DONE!

Good bye to Tadika CLC, I'm sure you will miss your friends and most of all, the loving & caring TEACHERS!! Thank you!!


ANGEL_onLINE said...

doesn't matter even if he gets 14/14 as long as he is a good boy with a right attitude. congrats matt! may the Lord continue to nurture you with Love and His Word through your papa and mama :)

Pei Pei said...

Well done Matthew Wee. Keep it up. Popo & Pei Gu love you.