12 July 2006

10 Myths about Examinations

Myth No. 1: Revision based on “Tips”

Many students start their revision based on hearsay, tips or guidance and thought that will be enough.

Fact: The scopes of the examination are based on the subject syllabus, lecture notes and tutorial questions. Therefore, student should first arrange their lecture notes and tutorial questions base on the subject syllabus, and their revision according to the syllabus, not base on tips!

Myth No. 2: “Spot” past year questions will be enough

Many students will take out the past year questions and spot the popular questions and concentrate on these selected questions.

The fact is: spotting questions may lighten the revision load, but the percentage of getting it all correct is very low. Spot question will reduce your chance of getting good result, if you missed it, then instead of getting 4 A, you will get F 4!

Myth No. 3: No time already, sleep a few hours will do

Because of fear of no enough time to prepare, students choose to sleep a few hours only.

The fact is: If you have no enough sleep, you will lose your concentration, you will be physically weak, the less you sleep, the less you read…many problems will come!

Sleep well, eat well and study well!

Myth No. 4: Take 3, Drop 3

Many students will have this idea of too many subjects to handle and decided to concentrate on some paper and drop the others.

The fact is: If you manage and arrange your time properly, you can score and pass all subjects!

Don’t give up any subjects!!

Myth No. 5: Answer base on instinct or what people called “sixth sense”

When come to exam question, a lot of people will quickly answer after a quick glance without proper planning.

The fact is: Answer question without proper understanding and planning will lead to an unorganized answer given.

Read the questions carefully and understand it thoroughly before answering it.

Myth No. 6: The longer I write, the better my answer!

Some students the longer the answer the better and the chance to score good marks is higher.

The fact is: Straight to the point! Elaborate and explain your point with a few sentences. Write short and precise answer with some explanations or elaborations.

Myth No. 7: My handwriting is “like this”, the examiner can understand my writing one!

All this years, my handwriting is like this, how to change in such a short time?

The fact is: If you or your friend cannot understand what you have written, then don’t expect the examiner do.

Write clearly!!

Myth No. 8: Checking my answer? No enough time already!

I don’t even have enough time to finish my answer, where to find time to do final checking?

The fact is: 2 hours examination, 4 questions to answer, and how many minutes for one question? 30 minutes? No! The answer is 20 – 25 minutes. What happen to the balance of 5 – 10 minutes? Read and plan your answer (2.5-5 minutes) and CHECK the answer (2.5 – 5 minutes)! 5 minutes is all you need to make sure your answer the question!

Always check your answers!

Myth No. 9: Time is not important as long as I can finish the questions

I don’t need time management or allocation for each question as long as I can finish doing all the questions.

The fact is: if the time allocated for each question is not balance, some question was spent too much time, some questions too short a time, then don’t expect high mark from question that took up longer time. If each question carries 20 marks, a question that is answer with one-hour time will get the same marks with question that was answered in 20 minutes: 20 marks!

Allocate your time properly for each question!

Myth No. 10: Exam time, no more exercise, no more entertainment!

Study, study, study and study!

The fact is: Some exercise and entertainment will release your pressure, tension and relieve your mind.

Relax…..enjoy the examination!


Eve said...

sir, canot enjoy exam wan la. -.-|| especially when we are facing mr wong and mr toh for this and following semester!!

chances to go sheffiel hallam seems so slim..

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »