3 July 2006

CK turned 37 today :-)

(Photo takens in MCMC)

Today, I turned 37 and tot for someone as old as me, I would not have any special celebration for my birthday. U know, guy mah, the most is 2 eggs + "mee-sua", that's all. But to my surprise, I reveived a lot of blessing from my loves one including you! Very touching leh....

So, to all of you who sent me your blessings (sms/emails/calls) and who came (church & home), thank you very very much, you are such a good friends and families too. May God bless you abundantly, click here and here to view my appreciations. Enjoy!


HJ said...

Hey Ko,

Happy Birthday.

May God continually bless & protect you. Many more birthdays..

ck said...

Thanks! Jin..
Your "leng zai" team Italy went into final huh! No bad ha, tot they r leng zai only..good in skill also ha!

HJ said...

hahaha, don play-play :-D

Anonymous said...
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