8 July 2006

My Home, My Haven...

Just a little reflection to share with you:

Mark Hatfield, a retired US senator once said this: “The home is the toughest environment of all for leaders.” Being a father of three, I really agreed with him. Why is it the ones we love most are the ones we are most impatient with?

My wife often said to me, “I wish you were as patient with your children as you are with your colleagues, students, brothers & sisters in-Christ.” She’s right. She reminds me that I’m accountable to God and to my family, and I’m grateful to that. Especially now with the new appointment as programme supervisor in the SBS, TAR College, and with many existing roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled both in the Church as well as preaching/sharing engagement in many places.

I think the greatest problem is our allocation of time, whether or not we let our professions exclude time with our families. If our lives are going to be given only to our professions, then better we had remained as Paul said, unencumbered by marriage and family. But if we do decide to marry and have a family, I am thoroughly convinced one has to set priorities as follow: First, God; second, our families; and third, our professions, and if we put our jobs anyplace higher than third place, we have our priorities askew.

I’ve tried to communicate with my wife and boys (excluding Joyce, 9 months++, but is also learning very fast to stop me every time I’m going out :-) that no matter how busy I am, I am always accessible to them. We need to communicate that verbally but also by our actions. By God grace, I’m still learning and progressing well...

“By profession I am a soldier and take pride in that fact. But I am prouder—infinitely prouder—to be a father.” – Douglas McArthur, American five-star general, World War II.

The Months of July till October will be hectic for me as usual but the following sharing engagements need your prayer support the most:

1. Sharing on Sunday service at Bountiful Grace CMC, Seremban every second Sunday of the month from July—October, i.e.: 9/7, 13/8, 10/9, & 8/10. I will be exploring the following topic with the church—Biblical Stewardship of Money and Wealth Management.

2. Sharing on Sunday service at MCMC, 16/7 on “Leadership

3. “Student Camp”, 5-6 August at Riviera Bay Resort, Melaka with boys and girls of the 2nd Melaka Company, BB (Sungai Rambai CMC) on “How to excel in your Study

4. 12 August: Methodist Adult Fellowship (MAF), Sri Petaling CMC on “Jobs vs. Ministry.”

Your prayer support are very much remembered and appreciated.
“We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” (1 Thessalonians 2:8)

I am excited about your participation!!

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I'm proud to have a brother like you :-)