6 February 2007


Heard this song over the radio recently and it make me sad and think of someone who was once in my life, who came back and who is gone again....like a wind come and go as she wish without giving you any clue...sad.... :-(

Anyway, it's still one of the best song since teenage time...

為何夢見他 那好久好久以前分手的男孩又來到我的夢中
為何夢見他 這男孩在我日記簿裏早已不留下痕跡
為何夢見他 為何夢中他的眼神卻依然教我心跳啊
為何夢見他 為何當我迷濛醒來卻含著眼淚
為何夢見他 那好久好久以前分手的男孩又來到我的夢中
為何夢見他 這男孩在我日記簿裏早已不留下痕

This 他 can be 她, and the 男孩 can be 女孩。。。

他还会梦见她,但是她是否也还会梦见他吗?I wonder.....and I rather believe that she is still there waiting for the right moment to arrive...like the wind....

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