9 February 2007


下面这个报道提出了便宜电视机的社会成本: 这里


1. 和家人讨论并只买在预算里的东西,不要现买后付Agree with your spouse and commit to purchase only in accordance to the budget, don’t buy now and pay later.
2. 不断的分辨「需要」和「想要」Constantly distinguish between need and desires.
3. 避免「突发性」的购买Avoid “impulse buying”- determine the need and do comparative shopping. You and God, not the salesperson, determine your need.
4. 如果收入减少了,调整你的开销,不要举债If income decreases (permanently or temporarily), make adjustment by lowering your level of expense, not by going into debt.
5. 不要仓促购买,心里没有平安就不买Don’t rush yourself in the area of expense, if you don’t have peace, don’t buy.
6. 等待减价Take advantages of sales. Planning allows you to know your needs in advance.
7. 购买大物件时,咨询长者的意见When considering a major purchase, consult others or refers to Consumers’ guide.
8. 维修比购买新的便宜Consider repairing than buying new.
9. 不要使用信用卡购买你付不起的东西Charge card/credit cards: don’t use charge card to buy things you cannot afford at the moment and pay later.


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