27 April 2007

Everywoman - Apostasy - 20 Apr 07

Revathi is the Malaysian presently detained for rehabilitation at the Ulu Yam Rehab Centre. Al-Jazeera carried a 15 minute documentary on the ‘Everywoman’ segment last Friday, 20/4/2007 at 7.30pm. And she has been separated from her husband and child.

Those who still have not been able to catch the ‘Everywoman’ segment on channel 20 of astro may wish to watch it here.

--from "The People's Parliament"

Heart2Heart says: Let us continue to uphold our country to submit to God's Authority. Those who are not clear on the issue, kindly follow the link here to the press statement section of NECF: National Evangelical Fellowship of Malaysia for NECF's stand on the non-Muslim right in Malaysia, from the very first case involving Captain Moorthy and on Article 121 (1A) of the Constitution.

To Love Malaysia is to Pray for Malaysia!

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