10 April 2007

The Uncle called me "UNCLE"!!!

This morning when I was approaching a stall to order my breakfast, the owner of the stall asked me: UNCLE, WANT TO ORDER FOODS?

I was stunned for a while as the owner of the shop is OLDER than me. I was thinking " macam mana u boleh panggil I UNCLE!" "Am I look that old?" or is it because of my hair? Not only one time but 3 time he said: "UNCLE, this nasi lemak very nice, meehoon also no bad, UNCLE....kopi or milo? My milo never increase price one, UNCLE!"

WAH! Habis-lah! I tot only kids of my son age would call me uncle, now even "Uncle" called me "UNCLE!"

Am I that old? I wonder....must go and dye my hair some more liao! teruk-nya!


HJ said...

Kakakaka.. so funny. I can just imagine the expression on your face

ck said...

Ya lor, so sakit hati...beh tahan!

and Kidz says said...

uncle, LOL. even me, i am still respecting you and call you 'kor kor' but he called you uncle, tembak him!
tarc lecturer can dye hair rite? if not you can capture this so called 'annointed' of pastor Kevin and Kong Hee . *wink*