1 May 2007

22 Years Old, Still a Baby!

You can visit this car at Muzium Negara or see it on the road, no different! Cause Proton have been producing this model for the last 22 years!

My Teacher, Emeritus Professor Dr Mohamed Ariff, Executive Director of MIER when describing Proton, used this words "retarded baby"! A company which "should be grown up but still behave like a baby" A 22 years old company!

Bravo!! teacher, you really walk the talk! Dr Ariff was interviewed by Sin Chew on the current development in Malaysian economy and this is what he said when asked about the National Automotive Policy (NAP), quote:






他說,今天,普騰(PROTON,5304)雖已屆成長年齡,但在經歷22年發展後,套用別人的形容詞,還是“弱智嬰兒”(retarded baby)。

Beside that, he also said we should improve our public transport system in order to reduce our loss of productivity due to massive traffic jam, details here.

Heart2Heart says: Betui-lah! We have been subsidising Proton for 22 years! And the baby should be an adult already!


Yup! Totally agree! If not because of this NAP, my sister should be driving her dream car by now instead of always have to sayang her kilat who is always merajuk! We shouldn't lose the whole forest because of a tree!! I think we should just kill the baby! oooopps! **Sound cruel ;p

Coming soon?? May be...but I will rather wait for 2008 to get my dream car.


HJ said...

Which of these following is a tool to make the rich become richer, and the poor become poorer?

a) NAP
b) AP
c) NEP
d) DAP
e) chui-pi-pi (whistleblowing)

Haha. Malaysia Boleh! Kilat Boleh!

ck said...

Btw, how old is kilat now?