30 May 2007

Sad Moment I

After the proud moment, it's now sad moment for some TARCian as not all of them pass and graduated from the courses. People failed, have to repeat or even leave the course (failed and out).
For me, as a lecturer and programme supervisor, will have to counsel the students and sometime, parents as well. And that's where the challenges come...

Some will cry, begging, scolding (even cursing each other) and even whack their children in front of you, tak boleh tahan...very sad for them and for me as well.

One thing I know for sure--failing the course doesn't means you fail in life. There is still journey to continue, one need to find the purpose of your life.... and to answer the question: What On Earth Am I Here For?

Sad moment..just a while only, right? at least in His eye....

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