5 May 2007

Certified Professional Blogger?

Certified Professional Blogger (CPB)

The Minister of Information said Malaysia need a system to control the bloggers, as reported in Sin Chew, quote



客區分為專業和非專業部落客,方便公眾辨認消息的真假。 (星洲互動‧2007.05.05)

He said some bloggers are spreading wrong/false information and touches on religion and/or sensitive issues (constitution) and this created uneasiness among Malaysians. So, he said we should classify the bloggers into 2 groups:

Professional Bloggers and Non-professional Bloggers

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So, am i a professional blogger or non-professional blogger? How would the Government decide leh? Maybe we need to go for a "Certified Professional Blogger" (CPB) examination (you know, like CPA/CFP/CFA etc) to get a CPB stamp on our blog!! Haha!!

Classification of Bloggers? Don't know it will work or not. But, one thing I know, whether Professional or Non-professional, as a RESPONSIBLE BLOGGER,

we will guard our hearts and our tougues speaking life and not death, be critical but not judgmental of others
. And as a Malaysian who love and pray for Malaysia, we will continue to speak the truth in love.

So, am I a professional blogger? not before I obtain my CPB ...:p

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Anonymous said...

i sure fail if sitting for the CPB exam, can resit ma? haha 'our politicians are cute, they always come out with funny thoughts'.that's why we are laughing when we heard or shout: 'malaysia boleh'..