4 June 2007

Alleycats - Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu

Loga in Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu

This group was formed in 1969 (the year that I was born). And this was the first Malay song that I learned and sung it together with my childhood buddies. And it opened-up the door to the Malay pop song singers like Sudirman, Zainal Abidin, Gersang, Search etc.. those days, they were very hot among us and put us together--Chinese, Malay, Indian, anybody, everybody--it was colour-blind...

This morning, the lead singer of this group- Loganathan Arumugam (or Loga), passed away due to cancer..takziah..andainya aku pergi dulu, sampaikan-lah salam cintaku pada-nya...may your soul rest-in-peace.

Sampaikan Salam

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