14 June 2007

Matthew the ring bearer

Getting ready

On the 9th of June, it was the first time my little boy Matthew was made the ring bearer for the wedding of this couple: David&Grace.

He was so excited and was asking me since 1 June whether tomorrow is the Big day, like he is the groom-to-be, tak boleh tunggu lagi! **amboi!

So, on that day morning, this was how he look like (right). so steady and ready to go.

Here come the rings....**1st time, look a bit "kang-chong"

the matrimony...

and Completed!

but..., at the end of the day....after standing for so long....our little ring bearer is all exhausted...

like this...

Haiz...Letih....! **Next time have to think twice loh, huh, papa?

more photo, here.

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