26 December 2007

Ending 2007, How Happy Are You?

Take the quiz to find out "How Happy Are You?" as we end this year

2007 is coming to an end. Are you more happy than 2006? As we come to the end of it, let's us reflect on what we have done. "How Happy Are You?" Find out by taking this life-satisfaction quiz, developed by Ed Diener and used to measures happiness worlwide. Indicate your agreement with each item using this 1 - to - 7 scale. Then add up your total score.

7 - Strongly agree; 6 - Agree; 5 - Slightly agree; 4 - Neither agree nor disagree;
3 - Slightly disagree; 2 - Disagree; 1 - Strongly disagree

____ In most ways my life is close to my ideal.

____ The conditions of my life are excellent.

____ I am satisfied with my life.

____ So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.

____ If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.

      • 31 - 35 Extremely satisfied
      • 26 - 30 Satisfied
      • 21 - 25 Slightly satisfied
      • 20 Neutral
      • 15 - 19 Slightly dissatisfied
      • 10 - 14 Dissatisfied
      • 5 - 9 Extremely dissatisfied
Read here to understand your score and if you score are below 20, remember this:

"We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else's idea of life."

To find A Purpose Driven Life and to prepare for the new year, click here.

"It isn't life that weighs us down - it's the way we carry it. "
2007 is gone, we'll be a better person in 2008! Oh, YES!!

Heart2heart would like to wishing you:

A Purpose-driven, Happy, Blessed and Fruitful 2008!

God Bless You and Yours!!

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