10 December 2007

We Must Listen to Old Man

He lost his son 14 years ago (Dec 11, 1993) in this trategy in Ulu Klang, when I was still a student. He was once the Second Man to Tun Dr Mahathir, he was in Suhakam. On top of that, he was recently honored with the Honorary Doctor of Political Science degree by my alma mater.

This old yet very wise man, you got to listen to him...

When asked Is Malaysia ready for peaceful assemblies?

He answered: Yes! Come on, we have been independent for 50 years.

Ya lah! 50 years old should be mature enough!

When asked Is peaceful assembly a right?

He said:
"Expression comes in different forms. It also relates to the right to demonstrate your feelings, by word or by act. Freedom in a democratic society is quite clear. People do have a right to demonstrate and they must be given the right."

He kept on saying: "Try lah!!" I love this!!!

Lim Kit Siang also agreed with what he said....

Because he is MUSA HITAM!!!

TRY LAH!! Never Try Never Know mah!!

Read full interview here.

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