19 February 2008

Leng-Chai Astronaut!

Our friend turned 6 years old on 18th Feb 2008. He grows healthily and happy all the time. Although sometime he is a bit sensitive, (2nd child syndrome kua) but he is a good fine boy who is very caring and lovable by many in the school and the church. Always greet people even strangers. This was him at 2 years old:

This boy is always full of surprise and creative ideas. When you speak to him, be ready to really dig into his mind and be prepared to get "surprise" response from him!
On the night before he sleep, I will normally pray with them. I asked him what is his birthday wish ie. what he like to become when he grow-up, he point to this photo:

Papa: Matthew, who will you like to be? Like Papa want not?

Matthew: No! I want to be like him!!

Papa: Great!! To fly the space-shuttle?

Matthew: Nope!
Papa: To be a scientist?
Matthew: Nope!

Papa: To be a Dentist?
Matthew: Nope!
Papa: To be a model...meh?

Matthew: Nope!

Papa: Errrrr....To be an Astronaut?

Matthew: No lah!

Papa: A Space Traveller?

Matthew: NO!!

Papa: ok, ok, last try....errrr....a Angkasawan cum Pelancong Angkasa...teh tarik maker?

Matthew: ????

Papa: You tell me lah......good boy....

Matthew: To be "Leng Chai Astronaut" lah!!!
Papa: I said Astronaut what?
Matthew: You never said "Leng-Chai" mah! You must say "Leng-Chai Astronaut" mah!!
Lucas: Wahahahahaha! Leng-chai Astronaut!!

Happy Birthday! Leng-Chai Astronaut!!!

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Angeline Ah Yee said...

so cute.......i do agree he's a sweet boy and i absolutely adore him...and lucas and joyce of course.Happy Birthday sweetheart