15 February 2008

Of course we will Makan-lah!

Tonight (Friday 15.02.8) 8.00pm, the Member of Parliament of my area is going to buy dinner for some Church pastors and leaders at a very famous seafood restaurant here. Each church are asked to send 2 representatives.

So, our Church are invited too, my pastor called me to ask if I want to join. I told him to extend the invitation to the Church leaders, I told pastor they should go MAKAN! Remember, it's OUR DAY! and most of all, it is OUR MONEY that he use to treat us, his gaji come from us taxpayer money!!!

So, more goodies is coming your way....if you are invited for anything, makan, minum, main dan lain-lain, just go ahead and be THE BOSS, be the YANG BERHORMAT!! failling which u will have to wait for another 5 years ! No obligation, you don't need to vote them, you have all the right to decide who will be your Yang Berkhidmat MP/ADUN after you makan dan minum!

Btw, is this consider "bribing for vote" ar? But I'm sure we wouldn't get "sushi", "egg" but instead of "coconut" on the table..

Enjoy the dinner, pastors! also, ask for a piece of land to build a bigger church!! hahahaha!!

(Will update you more after they makan)

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