5 May 2008

Exam! Nervous....

Last year this time, Matthew shown me his Study Report Card, and telling me: Papa, I rank number 9 in the class!! Delighted with his performance, I gave him a big hug!! But he whispered in my ear and said: Papa, only 9 student in the class...... no bad huh?

Of course I replied: Yes! No bad lah, still got "more room for improvement!" haha! A quick look at the report card: Overall score 589/600 marks. Wow, the class must be very "keng" oh! 9/9 in the class!

This year, he said to me: Papa I want to work hard to improve my position in the class. Asked him how and whether he need my help, he shown me this:

and start working on the homework:

look like working very hard huh?! sampai kaki pun naik, muka tension!?Yes, indeed, he is!!

Wish you all the best! Matt! May the good Lord grant you wisdom and strength in this very "challenging" time!

(haha, sound like very big exam! No-lah...not as big as this one lah, we are taking it very easily lah..no pressure, no pressure...we are more worry than the teacher for parent-teacher day lah......kekeke!)


ANGEL_onLINE said...

so young already tension...later hair will drop,belly will become big o...but he's really independent,wanting to do his own work...Gambate Matt!!Angeline Ah Yee will cheer for u!!

moses@トラ said...

Hiak~! Hiak~! Uncle Moses here to cheer for u too. (p/s: Uncle Moses sound like I am old. Haha..) Gambate Matthew~! I am sure tat u can do it with ur hardwork and faith in God. All d best! Add oil!

p/s: Luckily ur papa dun give u pressure.. if not banyak rambut putih macam uncle Moses last time. Haha...