11 May 2008

Joyful Moment

A few more hours to go before leaving for H city. A quick update for this week, while H2H off for 1 whole week.

Today is a joyful day with many joyful moments...Pentecost Day cum Mother's day, also Birthday for Little Angel and Wawah. We really had a very joyful day with many joyful moment!

Wawah's joyful moment (sorry, little angel, didn't get u :p)

Mothers' joyful moment (@ MCMC)

H2h's joyful moment

Isaacs' joyful moment

Joyce's Joyful moment

Darling's Joyful moment (@ Genki Sushi, KLCC)

Kids' Joyful Moment (@ KLCC)


Dia Tak Boleh Tahan!!

Tell me why Mr Gao so joyful? Let me know when I come back from H city...Till then! God Bless You!!

Hahahahahaha! Stay Happy all the time ya!!

1 comment:

ANGEL_onLINE said...

Because he's getting married, that's why!!