9 May 2008

Loo & Tracy Wedding Photos, Must See!!

Although busy and having mixed feeling, I can't resist to share with you these photo and video of this very talented photograper Joshua Teoh. The photos he took were......STUNNING!!

It touches the Heart of viewer.....see it to believe!! click here

photos taken from www.joshuateoh.com

And I never thought Sungai Rambai can be so beautiful!! Simply Amazing!! This Video is a must see for you!!

If you wish to engage Joshua for STUNNING and Heart-touching memory...click here.

1 comment:

HJ® said...

ceh-wah.. Ah-Xing Koko ada gaya eh, ha ha ha

being a kampung girl myself, i sure do love the photographs. and, the photographer captured our kampung so beautifully.. : )