16 July 2007

For Tomorrow's Leaders

I read this book last year and it's so easy to grasp and apply. For you my dear brother and sister a.k.a Tomorrow's Leaders, this book is a MUST for you! (there is a Chinese version which can be found in MCMC's library.)

Below is the summary of what the book is all about:

to Tomorrow’s Leaders

Five characteristics mark the man or woman who will shape the future.






Drawing on two decades of experience mentoring a rising generation, seasoned visionary Andy Stanley shows how to:

Discover and play to your strengths

Harness your fears

Leverage uncertainty

Enlist a leadership coach

Maintain moral authority

“Capable men and women will eventually catch, pass, and replace the current generation of leaders,” says Stanley . “Embracing these essentials, you will not only excel in your personal leadership, but also ensure a no-regrets experience for those who choose to follow you.”

“ Andy Stanley ’s The Next Generation Leader will equip the messengers to stand a little taller with a vision of hope and promise as they engraft these timeless principles into their daily lives.”

—Dan T. Cathy, president and CEO, Chick-Fil-A Corporation (source:http://www.amazon.com/Next-Generation-Leader-Essentials-Future

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