28 July 2007


Last weekend, I went to CCF, MMU to share on 大学生活面面观 "How to Manage your Campus Life". I've not been to MMU or Cyberjaya for many years since the last time I went for a friend convo.

I used MRR II-Kesas Highway-LDP-Puchong IOI-DHL-Cyberjaya of "such a loooooooooong way!" to have to be there by 8.00pm. I started my journey at 6.55pm right after my church meeting. It was a Sunday evening and I tot it should be free from jam and I rang the organiser telling them I can reach there say 7.45 before they start.

When I started driving along MRR II via Melawati, it was free all the way to Pandan Jaya/Indah before the crawl started and by the time I turned-in to LDP Puchong exit it was already 7.45. With the kind of "A Speaker Cannot be Late No Matter What" spirit I speed my poor Wira 1.3 to the limit along Puchong Cyberjaya Highway. But God, when I reached the area of Cyberjaya, oosh! guess what? I missed the exit to Cyberjaya/MMU!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Thank God and with the Sungai Rambai Spirit I managed to U-turn and pushed my poor Wira and I managed to reach MMU by 8.00pm. While I was searching around for the organiser who are supposed to wait for me at the gate was no sight at all, I called her and she told me this: wait, I am on my way......

So, I was late for 15 minutes!!
so, you may say, Mr Wee 15 minutes, okay-lar!! But just before the days, I was complaining to Juliane about a speaker who was supposed to talk on "Time management" came late for the talk!! Whatever excuse/reason I may have, u know what, "A Speaker Cannot be Late No Matter What"!! God must be telling me this: next time don't complain so much, boy! hokay, hokay, next time no complain liao!

So I went on to share on Managing Your Campus Life! (see attached file here)

After the fellowship, u know the "normal refreshment" were served lar! You will never know what we had for the night as refreshment. Juliane, Mr Lam and Teck will definitely love it.. they serve this:


Wah!! CCF, MMU! I love you!!!!

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