16 July 2007



In Leadership, Giuliani illustrates his leadership principles and strategies with stories from his long history as a leader, before and after Sept. 11, and describes the results that great leadership can attain. One statistic that points to his effectiveness as a leader is the 67 percent reduction of murders in New York City during his tenure as mayor.

Along with describing how he was inspired by the people he admires, and the importance of balanced thinking and personal experience when dealing with problems, Giuliani also explains the sources of the ideas, strength, energy and courage that helped him lead the city through Sept. 11. Although Leadership begins with a complete description of the tragic events of that day, and ends with a description of the ways he helped the city to recover from the terrorist attacks, the bulk of the book focuses on the skills that allowed the mayor to lead New York City to an amazing recovery from a history of crime, economic blight and fiscal troubles.

Leadership tackles many ideas about teamwork, ethics, accountability and honest communications. Giuliani's book is filled with colorful anecdotes and true-life experiences that illustrate how these attributes work in times of crisis and change. This book provides compelling insight into the inner thoughts and drives of effective leaders who have had a tremendous impact on others. (2003 Soundview Executive Book Summaries)

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