18 September 2007

Susah hati, lagi!


The Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPJ) organized a contest for people to catch and hand in stray dogs in the area. The prizes for the winners of the contest seem lucrative — first prize winner gets RM 15,000, second prize is RM 13,000 and third prize is RM 11,000 details website here.

Bwttkk cry and say: Why lah? Dogs is not haram what? They so cute, you know.

BTW, muslim vet student in UPM do handling ‘haram’ animals such as pigs and dogs, and the lecturer Dr. Mohd Dzulhamka explained that handling pigs and dogs are actually not ‘haram’, as stated by some overzealous people. In summary, it is ‘haram’ to consume the flesh of the stated animals, but to care for them especially when they are brought to you, is not, details here.

Look at Ting Tong, how beautiful she is...

After huge public outcry and strong objections from the Dog-lovers, now they wants to implant dogs with computer chips. Dogs saved.....but the struggle continues....more dogs here...


This year may be a year of Boar, but in Melaka, the pig brother are not celebrating it. Because on Sept 21 (921), they will scream and cry for help.....more reports here and here. Context here 1, 2, 3, 4.

If allowed,they will flee Melaka like this:

better still if they can fly to a safe place like this:

because if they don't do so, they will be slaughtered...

a state nobody will want to see....

MCA's MP for P138 Kota Melaka said he don't agree with the State Government, but how bout his colleagues in the government? N19 Kesidang and N16 Ayer Keroh? They said they've done their best, but Lim Kit Siang didn't agree and he said: Your best is not good enough!!

Let's hope that on 921, it'll be A Day No Pigs Would Die

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