4 September 2007

Hahahahahahaha! Hak-Chiu!! Hak-Chiu!! Hak-Chiu!! So funny!!!

Last weekend we went back to our beautiful kampung Sungair Rambai for holiday, During a family function (in an air-cond restaurant) with our in-laws, Joyce, our to-be-2-years-old girl was being taught by her 9 years old big brother Lucas to differentiate and to address all the uncles (my wife's brothers) properly, this was what happened:

Lucas: Mei-mei, this is Da-Jiu (Eldest/1st uncle), call Da-Jiu!!

Joyce: Hak----Chiu!! 哈---啾!!

Lucas: Mama, Mei-mei feeling cold oh! She "Hak-Chiu!!"

Mama: Bring me the tissue...拿tisu来!

Da-Jiu: Call "Da-Jiu" lah, Da-jiu sayang and give "mamam""mamam"

Joyce: Hak----Chiu!! Hak----Chiu!! 哈----啾!哈----啾!!

Lucas: She really got cold already!! 她真的很冷了!

Da-Jiu (never give up): call Da-Jiu lah!....叫“大舅“啦!

Joyce: Hak---Chiu!! Hak----Chiu!! Hak------Chiu!!!!哈--啾!哈--啾!哈--啾!
Matthew and Lucas: ooooooooooooo, Hak--Chiu!! Hak--Chiu!! Hak--Chiu!!

Mama & Da-Jiu: ?????????????

Matthew+Lucas+Papa: hahahahaha Hak-Chiu!! Hak-Chiu!! Hak-Chiu!!!哈啾!!哈啾!!哈啾!!

Matthew : Hak-Chiu!! = Da Jiu Lor!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!! Mei-Mei very naughty lah!!
哈啾!!=大舅 咯!!哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!妹妹很坏蛋啦!



HJ® said...

Funny, funny.. ha ha ha. I'm loving Joyce more and more

ck said...

as she grow up, she's more looks like ah pei oh, don't you think so?

HJ® said...

He he, I early-early told you she looks like A-Pei liow maaa :-D