30 September 2007

Tag: The truth....and nothing but the truth...

Esther & cute little Ethan tagged me on this, week ago...(paiseh...) finally got to be truth to myself at this wee hours....

1. Do you plan to have ONE more baby after Joyce?
hehehe! I love too...Joyce, so cute right? So I asked my darling-lah....and she replied me in hokkian:

"Du Kaki Se!!"
(in english means: u go and deliver one lah!!") aiyo....If I can, then don need to ask loh! ...can mah, why not? see...they so lovely..

2. Do you always scold and punish your kids?
The truth is....YES!! but in a very positive ways loh....positive reinforcement mah!! You know, Children are from Heaven oh! remember? of course, sometime, we let our emotion climbed over us, then all those theories will remained as theories lah....so sad.....

3. What do you do when you are free and alone?
Well, I will sneak into a cinema and watch any movies, Yes! Any movie that is on show at that point of time. with my right hand holding popcorn, left hand with hotdog 101...YOYO!! Oh YeS!! that will be the best thing to do during free time. BTW, when was the last time I do this huh??, sad....very sad....(bwttkk must be laughing at me now from a cinema in Langkawi)

4. What will you do when you retire?
You know, I always have this plan of running a retreat centre with say 10-15 guest rooms and some basic facilities for "pure retreat" purpose for people who want to go away form their daily chores. In this centre, I will be the chef and operator who can arrange and facilitate the retreat activities, they can come and just relax and enjoy the stillness and quiteness
of the nice surrounding.... like this one....

what do you think?

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