2 September 2007

Makan Secukup-cukupnya!!

In KL, we seldom have the luxury and chance to prepare and eat the homemade HAINANESE chicken like this:

eating it this way:

But not only we got this in Sungai Rambai our beloved hometown that produced "THE MOST OUTSTANDING YOUTH" in Malaysia; we also have this:
and this:

and most importantly, we had this:

After we learned why the rice was blue in color that looked like this:

Mum said: You better learn.................
Heart2Heart: Yes Mum!!

Suddenly, I felt it differently this time, that kind of feeling...like,
...mum is worry all her secret recipes will be lost if we
don't appreciate it......And here we go, let's learn how to make a good dumpling, video here photos here

Especially before that I went to visit uncle Ah Pan Pek
who at 89 years old still mending his own Kedai Basikal.

Look at the hand and the smiling

Ah Pan pek said: Eat while you still can, enjoy your life while you still able..but WORK to achieve your inspiration and most importantly, learn from the Wise and the people around you!!
Wah!! words of wisdom leh!! Must listen!!

When Heart2Heart asked him, Ah pek, what foods do you enjoy the most? He pointed to this snapshots in my camera:

Ah Pek, tak takut kah?

Ah Pek: Chiak lah, Mian Kia!! Don worry, just eat and remember...........WORK to earn your living and WORK to kill the fat!!

H2H: Chiak? Mian Kia?? Makan Secukup-cukupnya?

Ah Pek: Yes! Chiak!! and come work for me if you want to kill off your cholesterol and your fat!!

HAHA! It's so nice to talk to the "OLD" yet "SO YOUNG" people..!!!
Most of all, it's so nice to have all the Fine good FOODS and recipes from mum.

No wonder Matthew was so sad to come back, see: Bu Yao! BuYao!! Tak Nak! Tak Nak!

and Joyce didn't want to come along also when we were about to leave for KL after the 3 days
Merdeka weekend, see, she was trying to lock the gate!!

Makan Secukup-cukupnya!!!

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