21 November 2007

Manyak-Manyak Malu leh!

You got to read this:

Malaysia uses plagiarist's blog to claim Pedra Branca at ICJ?

In higher learning Institution, we warn our students the danger of plagiarism, and warned them of risking their assignment downgrade to zero mark. "Plagiarism is unethical," we told them..

But, here you have a country using plagiarised photograph to support their claim of Pulau Batu Puteh (Pedra Branca) at International Court of Justice (ICJ)!

Macam mana-lah? Now tell me how to tell my students? Manyak-manyak memalukan-leh!!
Mana boleh lah! "Downgrade their mark to zero, Sir! " I can almost hear my students whispering at my ear...

Sedih, sedih....the whole world see this...this time really paiseh liao!

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