27 November 2007

CS Boh Finally! Setelah Sekian Lama...

Chek Sing (Boh) my buddy (don't ask me his age ) finally going to marry this beautiful girl, Ee Chien from the "Land of Stones". If you know them either CS or EC, visit them at this web page here and give them your blessing here.

I can tell you, he looks very "young" in the photos, she is gorgeous and so beautiful! See to believe here.

Congratulations!! May God bless the couple!!

To my "another sister" who is also from the Land of Stones: When is your turn?
And to my "sister" from the "Bandaraya Bersejarah", worry no.....for your true love is on the way!!

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Angeline said...

Are u referring to me? Hey,Land of Stones is the term i coined ok,so have copyright de..haha!! I'm giving u time to save up for big ang pow:)