20 November 2007

Which Car is Environmental-Friendly?

Read the following report published in The Economist.com

In the European Union, they have impose mandatory limits on greenhouse-gas emissions from cars. They had proposed that average emissions across each company's range of vehicles is no more than 130g of carbon dioxide per km by 2012. A study by the European Federation of Transport and Environment, a campaign group, shows just how far short many carmakers are of this contentious target. In 2006 average emissions by all makers selling over 200,000 cars in the EU exceeded the target. Some are even pumping out more carbon dioxide than they did in 2005.

At the top (no. 1) is Peugeot-Citroen, with the lowest emission of 144g carbon dioxide per km, followed by Fiat (144g), Renault (147g), Toyota (153g), Honda (154g) in the year 2006. Consider these cars when buying new cars. Looking at the name, you should either go for Honda or Toyota lah! Because the other names are too-Europe!

DaimlerChrysler, the manufacturer of Mercedes Benz has the highest emission at 188g/km, followed by BMW (184g) and Mazda (173g). So, stop thinking of having these Cars in your dream! No good for the mother earth!

A..wait, Were is Proton? Not in the league meh? Oh! I forgot...they just said that they can survive on their own...They need no foreign partner now, their persona doing very well oh! Merdeka for now? But, can sustain kah?


HJ® said...

But, how come I dont see many Persona on the road, ah? *grin*

ck said...

I don't either. But I saw Proton's share price going south...:p