12 May 2006

To all the Mothers,
We Love You Moms!

drawing by Lucas Wee Ding Qian (8 years old)


Eve said...

Helo Mr wee! Ling Jang here!! Nice blog, but too many chinese words, don understand.heheh.. i got ur blog address from keng chuan and seow yee. You want me to link you in my blog?

I too welcome comments =)

ck said...

sure, include me lah! :-)pai-se lah, ur blog so "IN", very nice lay-out some more!

btw, how to create those link ah?

Eve said...

You'll have to edit ur template for tat. i think in ur template there are a few ready, u just have to edit them.

HJ said...

both "art"-piece by Lucas? cool..ada talent jadi pelukis yer ;-)

btw, Belated Mother's Day to Siew Lee :-)

Anonymous said...

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