30 August 2007

Merdeka! Sungai Rambai Version..

NST today have an article on this Anugerah Impian Malaysia aka AYA Awards. Its mentioned a name Elaine Sia Ling Ling who is a Training Coordinator with The Beautiful Gate. Ling Ling was the receipient from the year 2006 and when interviewed by the journalist, this was what she said:

"It’s a life changer," said Sia Ling Ling, a winner from last year’s awards in the category of Most Outstanding Youth of 2006. Sia is stricken with muscular dystrophy, an incurable disease that causes her legs to collapse if she stands for over 10 minutes. Her fingers are also bent to a perpetual claw but the 27-year-old has never stopped fighting.

Before this, Sia claimed that she never thought a person like her would be able to win any award let alone be hailed as an outstanding youth. "It was such an encouragement to me. Winning the award was like a sign from God for me to keep on going on," said Sia who works as an administrator at Beautiful Gate, a foundation for the disabled.

"I am now convinced that there is much more in store for me — more people to encourage and changes to bring about. "Thanks to the award, I was also able to continue my studies." Sia had won a scholarship to study mass communications from one of the award’s co-sponsors, Life College.

For a record, Ling Ling grew up in this small town called Sungai Rambai! That is what I called Sungai Rambai Spirit! Oh Yes!!

(FYI, her sister Ps Sia Siew Chin was awarded the "Outstanding Young Malaysian year 2000” by the Junior Chamber Malaysia under the category of Humanitarian and Voluntary Service before this award “Outstanding Young Disabled in Asia Pacific Region” by the Taiwan Disabled Association.) Read more about them here and here.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
she is no more a disabled! She is more able than the "able"!! She is more than Merdeka - in her body and her soul!

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