26 August 2007

Birthday: then and now...

Warning: Lots of Photos!
Do you still remember how you celebrate your childhood birthday? I do, this was all I got
and it normally got "settled" in 2 minutes!!
and me with my smiling face, so contented with the two eggs!
That also if mum still remember the big day

But NOW, they get this for their birthday

And these as birthday's present:
and lots of gifts

They play "animals game":

...when we were playing the "game with animal" (see the biawak in the picture?)

Not only that, their mother prepared this to belanja the whole gang of friends:


Group 1 came at 2.00pm

Group 2 at 6.30pm

Group 1 who came in the afternoon came back for the second time at 9.30pm

**PEW! So famous ar? but so tired oh!

Not finish YET!! got one MORE!!

And finally:

is LUCAS's birthday! (pre-celebration as his b/d is on 30/8)

Although it is the Big Brother birthday, but I guess Joyce enjoy the most!

I must admit, birthday nowaday is so "syok" compared to birthday then.
Happy Birthday Lucas! Merdeka!!

More photos here

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