10 August 2007

I "Love" him, but I don't agree with him

I Love this brother that I known since teenage time, but I don't agree with him and his teaching.

Rev Wong Kin Kong, secretary-general of The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia (NECF) put it very right:

One of the reasons for the emotional reaction is because Christians do not want others to assume they condone such a thing,” said Wong.

He added that the churches could not accept Ou Yang’s version of the church because “it is clear that the Bible prohibits a sexual relationship between people of the same sex. If a person condones same sex marriages, it is definitely violating Christian principles.”

Wong said the churches had always welcomed all kinds of people, including homosexuals. “It is the deviant sexual behaviour we do not condone. We cannot stop him wanting to set up such a kind of church, but the evangelical churches will inform followers of our stand and advise them not to follow this teaching,” he said.

more details here.

and Heart2Heart says: When the True come, the lies will be broken...

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