21 August 2007


Have you heard of Emerge Youth Conference? Well, if you haven't, then you might want to ask them here, and take a look here. And I am sure our friends NiztheKid, James, Kevin and their friends can tell you more about "this conference"!!

At a brief, EMERGE is more than a "conference" as it emcompass
most of the things the youths do most of the time, like sport, games, creative art, media, entertainment, and most interestingly these: Beauty Peagent/Man Hunt, PS2 Challenge,
Arm-Wrestling, Preaching Challenge, Word Power and Who wants to be a Missionary.

Wow! looking at the list of competitions, it's great conference for youth to participate, especially YOU (and ME?) who have the talents and potential to EMERGE as one of the winner!!

But, wait....

**Organiser (O): how old are you?
Me (M): 38, why?
O: sorry..too old lah!
M: Huh?
O: Youth Conference Mah!
M: 38...still young what?
M: Like that, got cooking competition or not?
O: Nope!! I know u r good in that! ***me: paiseh lah..
M: then....I can play futsal!
O: Nope!
M: I can sing!
O: Nope!!
M: I can run!!
O: Nope!!!
M: I can act, see this...
Me in this 1976 talent time in the School, I EMERGE as best actor playing the wolf in The Little Red Riding Hood!!

Organiser: Nope! That won't help either!!
Me: ...eerrrr how about Spelling Bee! see this, I graduated and EMERGE with a Scroll, sure can EMERGE one!!

O: Still cannot!!
Me: Why lah!!
Organiser: Only FOR YOUTH!! And BELOW 26 years old only lah!!

Me: Say-Lah Early!! I can send my son!! See this photo whether they can EMERGE? Dancing?


Joyce 4 Beauty Pageant

O: Tak Boleh lah!!
M: Okay! Okay! wait, wait, see these video first:

Audition Video 1, Audition Video 2

O: Errr...boleh tahan....but...
M: Okay? Okay?
O: Can kua! In Emerge Budak-Budak may be kua....next year!!!


HJ® said...

Ha ha Ko.. this is a funny post. Keep up the sense of humour

ck said...

Ha! Sense of humour..it's in our blood, remember?